Sound The Alarm, Jinny

Poem By Windsor Guadalupe Jr

Jinny, sound the alarm
We have been breached.
An intruder has entered
The fortress I crafted
To protect you from jeopardy -
They will steal the treasures
Of your empire
Sound the alarm, Jinny.

Jinny, don't let them
Steal the luster of your eyes
They have lackadaisical tactics
Such a bamboozling frantic
Fretting through and through
The seams of your hair.
Don't let them - thieves, finicky
Sound the alarm, Jinny.

They will offer you
A flourish of colors
In plush palettes -
Their hands are lavish
And their gifts are garish
Do not be fooled
They bring harm
Hide Jinny, inside your lair
I will sound the alarm.

Within the boundaries
Of mine amaranth
Nobody can ever touch
Nor trifle with my lass.
A baleful shove
To vanquish the shadows
Slumber well, Jinny
I will stay awake
In this invasion.

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