Sounds Around Us

The wind is blowing so calmly
The flag nearby moves as if it is dancing
The trees don't rustle at all
As if the world is slowly advancing

The cars move on down the road
Engines roaring in stop and go
Light turns from red to green
Cars start moving to slow

Leaves float on by over the pavement
The wind blows just hard enough
To push them along their way
They move along as if they were tough

Airplane fly's high above in the sky
Engine hums as it move along
Moving through clouds and blue skies
On it's way to Hong Kong

The world as we know it moves about slowly
As it turns on it's axis from left to right
The sun is rising up slowly
Soon the sun will set and it will be a bright night

Sleep tight my dear
Tomorrow is another day to come
Sun will rise again slowly
Then we will take a run in the sun

Written July 29th,2017

by Dawn Keller

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