Sounds Of Remorse And Sadness

Sounds of remorse and sadness.
Were not always heard,
Coming from the ones...
Demeaning to belittle.
And passing judgements.
On others to do this done.

Those sounds of remorse and sadness heard,
Seem to be much closer to come...
From the same folks who joked.
About others who then spoke,
Of times ahead...
No one would find funny or laughable.
To have it believe themselves immuned,
From losing false impressions made.
Based upon things to possess.
Giving them reasons to charade,
Themselves better than others with less.
To wish to be forgiven,
For their own remembered stupidity.
Now to find and discover the importance it is,
To have dignity, identity and respect to offer.

Who is it that can teach,
Lessons to prioritize to keep forever learned.
That can stop and prevent another,
From doing what they do to consciously choose.
Especially when they give it no thought to do,
Of what the future to them may bring.
And this often includes,
'Doing unto others...
As is wanted and wished done to you.'
And no one with this done to do and choose,
Should feel remorse or sadness!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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