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Sour Grapes On The Vie

Sour Grapes On The Vine
Written by: Wilfred Mellers,16 July 2015

As the good, Shepard tends his flock
I the gumshoe and the clever Sherlock
Put together a plan but it was just a ship on dry land
All ships to shore for I sleep no more

Seasons are wetter for things could've been better
All gains lost at such a cost
Deep into the wood for nothing is as it should
Lost I am for I still dream of Siam

So clever my wasteful endeavor
Lost is the truth found not by the sleuth
Found my desire but it was drained by the vampire
Put all of my trust in such a succubus

The Spider spins a web of lies as innocence dies
Fate so cruel this useless tool is a fool
Placate to appease this headache so I capitulate
Lost at sea I heard the songs of the Banshee

The Siren beacons to be embraced by the displaced
Sweet the voice of my yearning for I had no choice
Oceans above and below destiny cried out hello
Wonder I no more to ponder or to set a sounder

Angels weep my eternal sleep for no more I count sheep
To lay in state no rush I can wait for its grows late
Stood tall for the mighty does fall after all
Make amends by letters I send my dearest friend

We may meet again for who knows when, but then again
Would you think it wises me you recognize and apologize?
Moments fleeting as the procession is proceeding
Couldn't anticipate so down went the heavyweight

When all is said and done we all had fun
It was difficult true, but for you everything I do
As advertised, it wasn't a surprise as you surmised
I must've been a bore for you to ignore

Worry no more for Eagles still soar
The Sun will rise to bless my eyes
You were never mine and the Moon will still shine
Worry not for I will be fine for grapes still grows on the vine

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