Good Morning My Sweet Soul Mate

Good Saturday morning my beautiful
most beloved and treasured soul mate,
how I wish you were here to share
the sweetest kisses and warmest loving snuggles
before the day gets started in full,
I truly miss you so very much
and can't wait till we're together again
to greet each other every morn
with smiles so big slipping into each others arms.
I love you my sweet one and will through all time.

Good morning my sweet soul mate
and to me you truly are so very great.
Often it is hard to rise when I know
I still must wait for everything to be right
and I will have you right by my side
holding hands to face every task each day,
I love you so much and knowing I will
be with you one day keeps me going
because you are an Angel and Queen to me,
you truly are my everything
and as ever I will be sending you
sweet kisses, strength, huge hugs,
and all of mu pure true love throughout the day.
I can feel you near as ever,
I can smell your soft beautiful pale skin
and gorgeous long flowing hair
and that helps me get through more than you can know.

A very good Saturday morn to you my most
treasured and cherished true love
and sweet soul mate I adore,
feel my lips upon yours and in my loving arms
so passionately kissing you
and letting you know how much I care,
know that I'm with you the entire way through
and would give my whole life just for you.
I love you sweet one and wish you were here
to curl up with me through the rainy day here,
I love you so much and need you forever within my life
because you are so wonderful and you are my life.
My heart and soul will forever be yours
and I just want to be with you in my arms here in bed,
I want to hold you rubbing your back and stroking your hair.

So have a great day my sweet one
as I am with you in spirit side by side
hand in hand through all time without waiver
because you are my only one whom I want
to be with everyday and night arm in arm.
I love you my sweet soul mate and send you
all the sweetest kisses and hugs so big,
know I will always give you all my best
and all I have because I love you best.
I'll be thinking of you and holding you tight
because you truly are my only one.
You are my sweet soul mate and sweet Angel dove,
so I wish you a gorgeous good morning
and pray you will return soon
so as the true and most loving best friends there are
we can soon be happy forevermore.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (2)

Hot and sour - tasty words indeed! Smiling :) Justine
Ha ha, Chuck, I've been there TOO! The words explode from your mouth having a life of their own. I think you're right in saying they feel (or are; both to me) hot, too. Love it!