TTO ( / Washington State)


Filled to the full of enuff yet
Deluged by after thoughts;
Tantilizing memories of
Affluent days of erotica;
Amazed at the total-
Inexplainable need of closure!
Decadence reared its ugly head...
Pushed its way through-
Well hidden corridors-
Of delusional minds of a sanguine-
Persona lying empty now;
In retrospect-
I re-evaluate my options-
As the adrenalin pours-
And my blood pressure soars-
To new heights-
Taken off the cuff;
Once a much heated dalliance-
Turned serious for about-
That long-now sour!
It lead to scorn-disdain and
A most egregious strike
At my Achillies Heel!
And that my dear was unforgivable!
Leaving me with a permanent limp
And a disabled belief system.

Dedicated to: Sheltered-aka...

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