JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Southern California Love Story

at your window at eleven-thirty
tapping lightly
heart full of love, heartbeat pace
increasing slightly
will you let me in so I can sleep
are there any dreams left for me to keep

I remember, the things I forget
importance unknown
my emotions are so locked away
nothing shown
because you have the will to keep living
but I wish that we were leaving

it's not supposed to rain like this in Southern California
the sun is supposed to overflow into the valleys like gold
people aren't supposed to cry like this in Southern California
they don't feel anything here, or so I've been told

at your window at midnight
throwing rocks against the glass
begging you to help me
with this barrier that I can't pass
I love you, and your will to keep living
but I wish we were leaving

so I guess that I'll be leaving

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