Southern Sunrise

Color of lemon, mango, peach,
These storybook villas
Still dream behind
Shutters, thier balconies
Fine as hand-
Made lace, or a leaf-and-flower pen-sketch.

Tilting with the winds,
On arrowy stems,
A green crescent of palms
Sends up its forked
Firework of fronds.

A quartz-clear dawn
Inch by bright inch
Gilds all our Avenue,
And out of the blue drench
Of Angels' Bay
Rises the round red watermelon sun.

by Sylvia Plath

Comments (2)

sends me away. breath-taking.
This poem is one of my favorites. I love how Sylvia Plath describes the palm trees -'arrowy stems, ' 'pineapple-barked, ' 'forked firework of fronds'... Beautiful imagery! : -)