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Southlands In The Year 3000

This Land once known as Antartica and named Southlands today
A green and warm Land of grassy hills and many a sunlit bay
Things were very different this far south one thousand years ago
The seas for miles around were ice bound of this Land of ice and snow.

The wealthiest Nation in the year 2000 was the U S of A
Now seen as a third World Country life seems a bit that way
Other Nations feared them they were a powerful force
But time of everything takes care their glory ran it's course.

They were replaced by China and China's Empire spread
They conquered all of Asia and their conquests to Europe
But China too abused it's powers as all previous super powers had done
And the World of many Nations never could be ruled by one.

Australia rose to prominence the great Nation of the south
Their army conquered half of Asia and of their superiority they left others in little doubt
But of the angry side of Nature they did not seem aware
And Mother Nature tamed the Aussies of them she did take care

The Northern and Southern ice caps melting as the weather temperatures did rise
And the soaring World wide temperatures even caught scientists by surprise
Millions of miles of land covered in sea water and billions of people died
And Nature had the final say she would not be denied.

Australia the World's last great super power is now a barren Land
And that Nature had the final say is not hard to understand
For Nature rules all she surveys of unlimited power she is the source
Of all of the powers that ever were she is the greatest force.

In a World of thirty million people now there is not one refugee
And not one nuclear weapon people live in harmony
And the sunlit hills of Southlands once the Land of ice and snow
Things were so very different one thousand years ago.

Across a sunlit beach at Southlands the waves rush to and fro
But no penguins now or leopard seals who chased them many centuries ago
And times passage it has brought great change but Nature she lives on
And Nature will be still around long after the last Human has gone

by Francis Duggan

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