The evening shadows abound their light upon the wintery shield,
The rising sun envelopes the approach of the human capsule,
Flying silently holding its place in the rays of space,
The freedom of its vault will always be remembered.
Graciously holding its heave above the floating light,
The capsule with human life captures unyielding heights,
Frantically holding on are we the beam from recognition of the peel,
The upper viles of human strength edge past endurance,
The pendulum of time prepares the height the ultimate fragrance,
The water ahead of freedom are proud in their approach,
Tiny lights flake past the capsule's inner Houston,
Snowflakes appear within the connection of the portholes.
Cosmic daintys have hidden themselves within the bounds of the shielding,
Mellow voices feel their way through the stark and wary ceiling,
Happiness abounds with the success of a mission.
Atlantis and Mir have published their edition.

by Janet De Feyo

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