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I hate this space between us
You're here but far from present
Close enough to touch
But I can never reach you
The silence is staggering
Have we run out of things to say?
This love feels like
A game of tug of war
I trust you
You hurt me
You trust me
But I don't trust it
I love you
You don't feel the same
You love me
But I'm backing away
I want you
You want someone else
You want me
But you had me
Now I'm guarded
I hate this space between us
But I don't know how
To break the silence
I'd love to hear you laugh
See your thousand watt smile
How can I miss you
When you're right next to me?
Something's wrong when things are right
And when things are wrong
I just want them right again
Are we going in an endless circle?
Am I dreaming again?
All I can think about is how much
I hate this space between us

by Poetic Jae

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