Space- A Poem Cycle


Goodbye, world.
I’m on another voyage.
On my own again
To travel to the stars.

Sitting in this little tin can,
Heading beyond the sky.
It’s strange,
They always said Heaven
Was in the clouds.
They got it wrong.

Blue skies fade away,
Only darkness lies
Before me,
As I fly on.

2-Anywhere But Earth

Darkness surrounds me.
There’s only darkness
In Space.
If I look hard enough,
I’ll see the other planets beyond.
I’d like to go to
The other planets,
And find out what’s there.
Anything better than earth.

Earth isn’t the nicest place.
They all argue and shout.
And she’s there.
The one who doesn’t love me
Is there on earth,
Probably hoping I never come back.

I’ll just fly around
The Earth a few times,
And then I’ll be back.

3-Communication Breakdown

Sparks fly from
The panels of
This ship.

I keep trying to
Call for help
But nobody’s coming.

The radio’s dead.
I’m on my own.
On my own in Space.

4-The Astronaut’s Song

It gets lonely up in space.
Floating around on your own.
Stuck in a little tin can
For weeks that never end.
The same walls day in,
Day out.
It feels like it’ll never end.

Sitting here,
Wishing something
Would change.

The wonders of the stars
Do not last.
You see them shine
And shine
And shine
And shine on in an eternal cycle.

Sitting here,
Wishing something
Would change.

I fly round the moon again.
The craters all look the same.
I try to find the
Dark side of the moon,
But there isn’t one.
In fact, it’s all
Just dark.

Sitting here,
Wishing something
Would change.

Fly around
And around,
And maybe something
Will change.
But it’s lonely up in space.

5-Only Darkness

Still only darkness
Up in Space.
I start to think
Strange thoughts.
I see no God up here.
I can’t see Him anywhere.
It’s not nice,
I begin to wonder
Why he doesn’t show
Himself to me?
I mean,
I must be in His Space,
He can’t be anywhere else.
If he were here,
He’d show himself,
Wouldn’t he?
Why didn’t he help
Me when she,
The one I loved,
Marooned me on
My own?
Maybe he isn’t there?
Maybe he doesn’t care?
Perhaps he isn’t there at all.

6-Screaming and Shouting

Isn’t someone there,
Beyond the radio?
Someone must be listening.
If I shout, will anyone hear?
If scream and sing and shout
Will anyone hear?
Can’t the radio work?
I don’t touch it
Or else it’ll never work
It’s getting horrible up in
I want to go back,
But I don’t know if
Anyone wants me back.

7-Cabin Fever

I hate the walls
Of this pathetic tin can.
Grey, grey, grey.
That’s all there is.
I hate the stars.
They don’t do
I wish they would explode.
I hate the radio.
I wish someone would
Come and fix it.
But no one else exists
In Space.
No one’s coming for me,
And I don’t want
To go back to Earth.
I don’t want go back.
No one needs me.
Why won’t this just stop?

Oh God.
It’s her.
She’s sitting next to me.
Oh God,
I wish she’d go away.
She’s trying to talk to
Me but I don’t
Want to hear.
Please go away.
I don’t want to hear
What you’ve got to say.

God, won’t you
Help me?
Please take her away,
Make her stop screaming
And shouting at me.
I don’t want to
Hear how much she
Hates me,
I already know.
Remove from my
Sight the one
I loved,
That is, if you
Truly exist.


I don’t want to go home!
She’s screaming at me!
I can’t go back to Earth
When nobody wants me!
Goodbye, cruel Earth,
I’m flying away from you

9-Beyond The Stars

I turn my little tin can
Away from the Earth
I’ve set my controls
For beyond the stars.

The radio kicks back in,
They say it’s ok,
I can come back to Earth,
They don’t understand
I don’t want to come back,
Now I’ve the set the controls
For beyond the stars.

I’ll travel away from them,
Those that cause me pain
Will be forgotten,
I’ll start life afresh,
A new page,
A clean slate.
I’ll never come back when
I’ve settled myself
Beyond the stars.

So on I go,
Passing all the dull things
That will soon be forgotten,
And I’ll be free
From all the pain and misery
She caused me.
So I’m on my way to
Beyond the stars.

10-The Undiscovered Country

Will they welcome me
With open arms when I arrive?
Will the gates be opened
And I praised as a God?
Will they laugh at my
Will they laugh at my tin can?
The power’s running out.
The fuel won’t last long.
I’m sure if I hope hard enough,
I’ll make it beyond the stars.


© Charlie F. Kane

by Charlie F. Kane

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