Space And Time

Sparks of light, that's what we are,
Parts of God, that traveled far,
Existence eternal, but here in time,
Space is offered, our upward climb.

We've been before, It's not the first trip,
The soul remembers, our bodies are scrip,
We come in groups, to bolster same,
Remembering not another's name.

Life is simple, the details are hard,
But here in lies, how we are scarred,
We chose this life, to learn through pain,
Discomfort, sorrow, hate, disdain.

Bolstered by contacts, a previous life,
We share this love, of perils and strife,
To them we cling, for eminent domain,
Searching for love, while living in pain,

Ours is life, that yields experience,
That what we learn, returns his presence,
Loved ones share, our sorrow and fears,
But time is measured only here.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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