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Space Children
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Space Children

Poem By Lucille M. Kroner

They took the stars into their hands and ran with them
Down scintillating, glittering pathway to Mars,
Over the Milky Way, through silvery moon system,
In rendezvous with elusive, glowing rainbows barred.

Shaking the pattern of time from off their feet, they ran
Deep into the heaven's depth there to receive
The gifts of Hesperus, the glories of Jupitor,
Beyond the realm of ancient knowledge to believe.

Stars shot through their waiting reaching fingertips,
Through core of time, in aeons past, through peace, in wars.
They took the stars into their hands and ran with them
Beyond the face of moonlight's golden sparkling bars.

They pursued their dreams throughout the depths of the universe,
Bayond Orion, through Hercules, in magic sped
Far beyond the mystery where man is known,
Lured by mystic spell of loving dreams instead.

With a certainty of knowing, and in deepest faith,
They journied far beyond the laughing face of time,
Through heavens coral, blue, and diamond-sprinkled night,
And left a misty contrail only, far behind.

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