I washed my legs and
I washed my hands,
For I entered the temple,
With full of hopes and interest.

The gates were open,
But the doors locked.
I kneeled out with prayers,
In my head and in my heart.

Though the temple was locked,
And the keys not with me,
I was there everyday,
With love and dedication.

A week passed, a month passed,
The gates still open not the temple.
All the time and all this while,
I waited and waited alone.

Finally this happened,
The gates were open and doors too,
The doors were shattered,
As a jackpot cracked.

The wait was over and
The devotion provoked.

There She was! ! ! !
The most beautiful, breathtaking
Goddesses of my life.

The temple of me was filled,
With oceans of joy and glitter.
I was in there in the temple,
Right in there in front of her.

I took a view of the art,
Established on her.
There was charming weather,
On her forehead with
Pleasing eyes and lovable lips.

I wanted to live there,
And be the only devotee.
She had nothing to say,
Nothing to object my subject.

For a moment I owned,
That precious stone.
It was sparkling, so gorgeous,
So solid than my life.

It was unbelievable,
When the goddesses herself,
Wanted me there for her,
And keep the temple shut once for all.

I Shameless and senseless,
Walked out with no words,
For,I wanted to live and
I wanted to die.

My luggage was packed,
With questions and clothes,
I wanted to die as much as,
I wanted to die in her forever.
She asked nothing, I answered nothing! ! ! .

Dedicated to the temple I wanted to live in.

Thala Abhimanyu Kumar
Dated: 20/01/2019

by abhimanyu kumar.s

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Haiku's have a way of carrying us on a floood of thoughts. These show you have been captured by what you saw in space. I enjoyed them
A creative and captivating composition!
Very nice series of space haiku...
Agree with Sunprincess! Is women need to stick together!