Space Is Meaningless

I listen to the old man.
He says, “Space is meaningless.
Observe.” He reaches out his hand
And pulls a young girl from the air.
She looks like Goldilocks
Except her eyes are hungry and real.
She falls upon him, saying,
“Where have you been for so long,
My love? ”
He tells her, “Experimenting. See.
Space is meaningless.
I have always been here.”
“Whatever, ” says the empirical
Goldilocks. “You’ve always been
So strange. Don’t leave me again.”
And then they embrace in a deep, wet kiss
For many years, proving, I guess,
That space is meaningless….

by Robert Rorabeck

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Wow. This poem is really powerful to me and I can't put my finger on why. Thanks for sharing it.