Space Travel Made Easy

Just think;

Space travel without a space suit or spacecraft!
Not possible?
Think again!

There is no need for physical form when spirit is set free
Spirit is pure consciousness that is impervious to hot or cold
Spirit has no need to breathe, eat or drink
Spirit can travel anywhere instantly

Want to know how the sun works?
You can go to the sun’s surface by sheer intention
Yes, anywhere is not only possible but practicable

So how do you separate spirit from your body?
Firstly your ego must be bound and gagged
Then meditate to still the doubting mind
In time you remember how to leave your body
Next you will yourself free of physical form

On Earth;
Release of form is the only freedom possible
Freedom is the launching pad for your spirit
An unencumbered spirit knows all there is to know,
And absolute freedom makes everything possible

Now there is only one question left to ask
What star in the Cosmos do I want to visit?


by Ray Lucero

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