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Spaced Out
( / Connecticut)

Spaced Out

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Today in the midst of change.
And uncertainty.
Everyone should take reality,

Anyone choosing,
To feel upset and offended...
By the proof and evidence,
To refuse what is true to exist.
Is being shown to be a problem,
For the ones who protest and insist...
Their precious to keep entitlements,
Allows them to do what they wish.
When and wherever they please.

As proclaimed patriots,
At least they should become familiar...
With the Constitution.
Their 'forefathers' penned to document.
To have it read, understood and released.
Before misinterpreting its meaning.

Or from an alternate Universe,
To have it believed here on Earth...
Everyone is as crazed as they have become.
Dieting on greed and a selfish need,
To feel themselves untouchable.

And orbiting around in a time zone,
Their deluded minds have kept...
Unaccepting themselves also as human beings.

So far out of reach they are.
Gone and detached from the facts.
That nothing.
Nothing can convince them,
They are not the creators...
Of what their limitations attempt to destroy!

But they keep trying to define,
What that image of a warrior is.
To imitate the ones purchased to watch,
At the movies.
Or on 'high def' TVs to portray,
Behind the comfort of their closed doors!
Inside and left spaced out.

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