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Spaceworld Is My Oyster
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Spaceworld Is My Oyster

When out of the blue arose a winged entity before me,
I was so freaked out that chose to turn tail and run.
I watched the mythical bird say, ''I'm not a bat out of hell,
But the answer to your unfulfilled wish to fly.''
It was speaking cryptic language that I easily understood
And then I recognized the angel from my recurring dream.
I clung to his wings, but we couldn't take a flight,
We were socked in, and I sensed the magnetic force of gravity.
''We won't make it unless you set your mind at ease.
Open up your heart and brush your mundane fears off.''
As the fog lifted, I felt us hovering above the earth
And I knew pretty well where we were heading for.

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