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Spalding Gray

Every other time
I drowned
I lived
to tell
the tale.

This time
I leave
the telling
to you.

I consider
an end
in itself.

You may say
I'm overcome
with despair
and dive
thin air.

You may say
I give
of myself
too freely
too nakedly.

You may say
I stripmine
my life
and let the topsoil

You may say
this slag
is all
that's left
of my heart.

You may say
I welcome
the blackness
beneath me.

You may say
final dive
is my
swan dive.

You may say
I enter
the water
with scarcely
a splash.

You may say
I leave
my last
to your

My striptease
in darkness
is done.
Tell it
how you will.

by Doug Lane

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Sad poem but wonderful portrait thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken