Your Happiness Matters

I'm sending you some humor
to brighten up your day,
may you smile or even laugh
and feel that life's okay.

I hope you escape the worry
of what others think of you,
you are seen in a better light
than what you think is true.

Your mind is full of thought
and the idea may seem real,
don't let worry in your heart
because it matters how you feel.

Take a break from the day
to help ease the inner pain,
some days you feel depressed
but there is hope after the rain.

Don't give up on the joys of life
when you aren't feeling good,
you are the better person
doing everything you should.

As a friend you are there
when others need a hand,
There are many there for you
that care and understand.

You are fun to be around
and happiness has its way,
You are liked for being you
no matter what you say.

Some days you may struggle
and no longer want to try,
so, enjoy the funny moments
and forget what makes you cry.

by Shelley Williams

Comments (5)

what a scene! fantastic
Jesus, I laughed at this one.
Dear PPH, I've reached the point where I want to scream, 'Speak English! ' at those who persistently reside in the USA and refuse to get with the program. On the other hand, I spent a lot of time with Mexican people at my last job, for 12+ years, and found them to be the most honorable, decent and fun people I've known. So I learned to speak some Spanish, and they learned to speak some English, and we partied in our own American way. Loco, hombre! Felipe
Another clever one PH! Maybe you should have ordered the green eggs and ham. -chuck
Now that is funny. I bet they even had the audacity to put tacos and tamales on the menu. Those theme restuarants are getting out of control.