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Spanning A Century
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Spanning A Century

Poem By Gael C. Morris

Do we know how many centuries this world has been here?
Not precisely, although science has come very near.
They keep trying to establish the length of time,
The earth has been spinning its systematic rhyme. Some countries have records thousands of years old.
Others a few centuries, I have been told.
But the twentieth century that I have lived in,
Has more changes than any other, from beginning to the end. There were horse and buggy days, so long ago.
Then came the cars and away we go!
Airplanes followed and then all too soon,
Jets filled the air with their sonic boom! Time went by and we were moving too fast,
As we rocketed to the moon with a tremendous blast!
Being the first human to set foot on a strange new planet,
We keep on going not knowing when to quit. Only time will tell if man will be blessed or cursed.
As he keeps on trying to rule the Universe.
There are some things beyond his power and mind.
Controlled over the centuries, by the Great Divine.

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