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Spare A Thought
VR (26-09-1984 / india)

Spare A Thought

Standing down watching the skies,
Wondered I if he hears our cries.
The, chaos and all the bitterness seem endless,
All the world needs is some kindness.
Easy to spare but hard to give,
Still the world in him will believe.
I think, He seem to enjoy the scene,
On no cost will we loose our hope and dream.
What wise sayings would justify such a disaster?
Still the world claims him the mighty master.
He plays the dice and he takes the shots,
The world thinks all it can do is stare and watch.
I am a fool, for all I can do is shake my head in disdain,
Moreover, watch the world around in pain.

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Comments (2)

a nice poem...seems somebody is controlling every action and movement on earth and heaven....still there are some virtuous thoughts left to think over..
Just I can say is that its excellent.