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Spare The Tree

It has been said with certainty
That only God can grow a tree.
Man does not seem to understand
That trees are part of God's great plan.

Through the ages trees have provided
Many things required for man's survival.
They've given man wood to keep him warm --
And for shelters to protect him from harm.

Trees have supplied food for man and beast
And haven't seemed diminished in the least.
And even though it was not their duty,
They have delighted man with their beauty.

Let's hope man will display due respect
And before downing a tree he will reflect,
That it has taken years for the tree to grow.
Is it really necessary for it to go?

If it is possible, please spare the tree:
Don't chop it down unless it's a necessity.
Let's let God know that we do understand
That trees are a great gift from God to man.

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