Hey people; everyone
Wear your shoes, on the run
Go knock door, wake him up
Tell him this: “Time is out.”

He knows it; this devil,
This Satan, is alive.
He gathered the tinder
He set the, world aflame…

Now the world is burning
Everywhere is fire…

But he rolls like a pig
Like a bear, hibernates
With snore, he ignores
He grew in the church
As the boy, of altar
He raised high, the cross
They tell us: “He’s pilot
Of the jet; president, USA’s”

His fire is scared
It is for cons; a bless
Brings job for armour
And bombers, Boeing sells.
Parliament, then confirmed.

They wanted matches; so ISIS
Became best of strikes, to spark.

Devil has many forms
Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney
To George Bush and Zalmay
They formed the Bin Laden
And Omar of Iraq, and Afghan
Raised, smashed, the Saddam
But things change all along.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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