Spark In Mars

Should my testicles be that,
Of one born with Gemini Rising?
Should my buttocks be as thick,
As one with Venus and Moon in Capricorn?
Should my Aquarius Sun...
Spark in Mars as it is done.
And should my heart sit with Pisces...
Since sometimes it,
Comes to visit my emotions.
And bringing with it,
A reason for my stiff lift!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

It seems you are very confused about somebody's reputation, so let me please help you to make it more clear: I think you need to cross few star signs of your list which will leave you with the right solution; these are: Gemini and Capricorn (always forbidden, torn by speculations and games of those who wouldn't allow it happen...): and Pisces - I agree with the 'stiff lift', so it's better to leave it in the remote past where it belongs to... gone and dusted I do say, and would never like to think about it... It seems you are left with the Aquarius - I really haven't asked yet what is his star sign, but if it is as you say, let's the strong and fair Sun 'spark in Mars'... Great write... You seem to know sooooo much Lol!