DW (24th, Dec.1986 / China)

Sparkle Of Our Love

—To my one and only girl…
—My love to you is growing every single instant…

You said I am a jerk,
And I admit it,
For it is because in front of you,
I don’t have any secrets,
Then it is you,
Who makes me who I am…a jerk to you…

You said you are nonconductive,
And you have no electricity across you body.
But, you know what honey:
You are just like a glass rod,
I am the piece of cloth,
Hence, I can make you electropositive,
By rubbing you,
Then we are both attractive to each other,
When the moment we meet,
Current generates and runs all over us,
You are in me, I am in you,
After a certain period,
There is harmony to the surroundings,
We are dynamic inside,
Steady to the environment,
We have made a perfect bond to the world.

There is undeniable geographic distance between us,
But I feel so close to you,
Gap can be filled,
Separate sides can be bridged,
Physical distance counts the minor,
Spiritual closeness means the critical,

My lover,
Wait for me, wait for me there,
The journey has started,
I am on my way to you…

Sept.20th 2009

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