I go to sleep
when my brain gives up on me
I go to sleep
when my eyes shut themselves
I don’t go to sleep
when I can still see
but the darkness blinds me
and my senses are free.
I don’t go to sleep
if I still feel.
if I can still think.
if I can still remember.

so my soul travels
to the other side of eternity
across space and time
and limitless boundaries.

as I look at different angles
I see different souls
in a chaotic phase they go
in all directions they run.

then I saw a faint light
sparkling in a distance
standing far about.
it took long for me to go there
but I followed its radiance...

I crawled through
the dark tunnel to the other side
closing my eyes as I slide
and I slip, and I try to stand

feeling close now, feeling warm
I sense the light drawling near
in exhaustion I pause.
in trepidation I fear.

but a breeze opened my eyes
I fall.
and in a heartbeat I saw
brittle drops
burning in bright flame
negatively electric touch
catch me. hold me.
and I ride and sail away
to the flight of his paris wings

as I close my eyes smiling
now I can sleep
in the arms of fiery poetry
with the scent of sweet Amber lips.

by Velvet Astraea Dido

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