CW ( / Central west of New South Wales, Australia.)

Sparkling Bubbles

Many sparkling bubbles continue to fill my arteries and veins
and many wonderful feelings my soft heart so willingly gains.
We've had contact each day since we met - that means much to me
as we continue the journey and learning – of this our new discovery.

Just where this new path does lead us, and what our futures will prove
is of course yet to be seen, - I cherish now, and as the clocks do move
our story will in the course of time unfold, and we must accept our fate
to find our own peace and happiness before our lives are done - too late.

A big lesson you have given to me
by telling of how you trust initially.
Perhaps you are so right, and I have listened and heeded
enough now – to risk my heart for the need to be needed.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Ma colleen...'enough now – to risk my heart for the need to be needed'...thats the toughest part! ! ! ...beautiful poem with realistic