Sparkling Diamond

Poem By Joan Marques

Distinguished are those
Who ever experienced the agony
Of a heart torn apart
By the loss of something dear

For they have learned
What can only be taught through pain:
Empathy and understanding
And compassion for a tear

The world, to broken-hearted,
Becomes a zone of concordance
In the dark
That connection emanates...

For every crack in one's heart
Adds to the abundance
Of the spark
That this diamond ultimately radiates...

Comments about Sparkling Diamond

Great work...I really enjoyed this poem! Thanks for sharing your art. Top marks from me! -Michael
Careful, your words -in all your poems I have read so far- ring so true and are stated so well you may fast be a target of great jealousy! Thank you for sharing them with all who wish to find them: -) DK

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