KS (9/10/1981-? / )

Sparks And The Signs……

Two spirits two existences
What do they talk? And what did they see?
What did they feel? And what did they hide?
They talked of sparks and the signs on a clear night
They saw the patterns of a rare site.

Sounds of reason knocking somewhere in some dumb corner of the brain
Reality waving from the corner of the eye.
They have been denied entry cuz they stop the mind from running wild
Only bright sparks are true, purple, yellow and blue.
On the shores of the dim violet sea.

Silence dressed in her sultry best
Appearing thru mist of bleak isolation
Winning the nomination for being the eternal witness
To the appearance and disappearance of shadows,
Like the show of drops leaving their floating grey home.

An occasional meteor,
Piece of scattered hope on black canvas flashing like glow signs on the highway
Phenomenon captured by the fireflies
No show, no spectators.
No footprints, no words, no signs.

Just the imagination of the stranded spirits
In the middle of the chaos of the world they don’t belong.


Comments (2)

You write amazingly well...havnen't seen a submission for really long now...don't you think it's time for this year's editions to start trickling in? Watsay?
This is beautiful! I love the way it captures the reader and hooks them in..... right til the last line! Perfect!