Sparks Of Color

The colors they dance upon the midnight sky,
and the birds they whistle on love’s behalf,
As if sugar upon a strawberry, so beautiful, so sweet,
A tasteful melody so sounds your tender laugh.

The roses how they wilt in shame,
and the thorns they bloom, oh for their pride,
and pink splatters like paint across my cheeks,
and I pray that one day I will be your bride.

The color of innocence upon my dress,
the color of passion, of love, within my hands,
and hearts will dance within our eyes,
when we exchange, our wedding bands.

Love is circling all around us,
yes it’s in the very air that we breathe in
Can you feel it entering into your lungs,
Can you hear it playing in your heart like a violin.

Because I feel it in my lungs,
and I hear the melody so divine
and I taste the sweetness in your touch,
and I pray that one day you will be mine.

by Jessica D. Hernandez

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