A turbulent rainy day was that morn
Of my plane trip off to somewhere.
The perverse weather was truly forlorn,
Requiring patience ‘til it’s fair.

Having my flight delayed by an hour,
I felt that I’m up for a drowse.
But before my eyes could shut lower,
They came into an abrupt browse:

Across the bench I sat, was a lady
Whose head’s submerged in pocket books.
I found her respectable and pretty,
Judging from her apparent looks.

This man in me, introverted and shy,
Felt a spasm – an urge of doubt:
Anxious of whether to speak and say, “Hi”
Or lose the chance, forget about.

Rapidly thinking, I know I should speak
Before the chance gets obsolete.
I managed to stand, though my knees were weak.
My hopes of luck were then concrete.

But then, in a flash, the lady stood up,
Took her baggage and walked away.
We’re told to board the plane and give the stub,
Then head to the terminal bay.

I took my suitcase with total remorse,
Boarded the plane with much regret.
I’m seated by the aisle, thinking of sorts -
Oblivion’s resent: just forget.

“You should have spoken, forgetting the doubt! ”
I heard my brain, letting a shout.
“Alone you are now, immersed in a pout.”
Awkward but yes, I’m now in sulk.

I think destiny reserved me a stead
For fate has filled my empty cup.
“Would you mind trading seats? ”a voice just said.
Muttered a “yes”, I then looked up.

A pause of astonishment came to me
For, truly, I did not expect.
Stung by the fear of heights was this lady
Whom earlier was my subject.

Gotten the courage to speak to her now,
Our silence led to a discourse.
Without the courage, I would not know how
Brilliant this lady was, of course.

The turbulence of that morn was dissolved,
So was the shyness of this man.
With the spasm gone, my heart was absolved
Gained a friend – and so it began.

by Nicole Anne Sia

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This is lovely Nicole
Very nice.Beautifully written.Liked it.