Poem By Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Speak, your lips are free.
Speak, it is your own tongue.
Speak, it is your own body.
Speak, your life is still yours.

See how in the blacksmith's shop
The flame burns wild, the iron glows red;
The locks open their jaws,
And every chain begins to break.

Speak, this brief hour is long enough
Before the death of body and tongue:
Speak, 'cause the truth is not dead yet,
Speak, speak, whatever you must speak.

Translated by Azfar Hussain

Posted By Muhammad Atif Ch.

Comments about Speak

It is a very good poem and interested one poem thanks for this
''Speak, 'cause the truth is not dead yet, '' 'Parla.. la verità non è morta ancora, '
''Speak, 'cause the truth is not dead yet, '' the truth is not dead, yet too many want to manipulate and deny it.. ''Speak'', 'cause all of us should tell the truth..

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