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You knew he was coming so why didn't you run?
You just sat there
Waiting for him to come

You knew he would hurt you, so why'd you play dumb?
They asked you all these questions, you said they were wrong.

I know he touched you, but you acted like it was nothing.
You said it was fine
Maybe even normal

But he was family to you
Almost like a brother
How could he do such a thing?

I know you've asked yourself the same question
But there will never be an answer
Only more questions
A story that's never done

You can't keep living in this misery
You have to let the chips fall as they may
Break free from these bonds and let this secret see the light of day

You were the one that was wronged let you live in prison
For his mistake
Chin up, young girl
Don't let him take over your mind

Open your mouth, free your tongue
Swallow spit, release your lips
You can do it

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It's beautiful. Very well written. I really like it! I don't know what else to say. It was brilliant!
I really like this poem, good work - Max D. Hornbogen