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Speak To Me
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Speak To Me

Poem By Krupa ...

So many times I hear a song,
Playing on the radio.
The melody familiar,
Reminds me of you.

Bringing warmth into my heart,
And lighting up my day.
Your memory dances across my mind,
As the music starts to play.

Sometimes I close my eyes and dream,
As I hear the music flow;
That I’m held close in your strong arms,
Dancing soft and slow.

It’s just a little thought of mine,
A dreamer’s fantasy.
Of dancing with you by candlelight,
To a soft, slow melody.

Sometimes I let the music play,
Over in my mind.
In a never ending slow dance,
We’re suspended there in time.

Even though it’s just a dream,
Of dancing quietly with you.
If I close my eyes and I hear the song,
A dream almost come true.

So, let me have this little thought,
Of a soft sweet melody;
And dancing with you by candlelight,
In this dreamer fantasy.

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