Speaking During A Kiss

Poem By Christopher Holman

The warmth of true embrace
an utterance of a desolate word to personify the intangible.
Whisper quietly darling, such a word is shunned
expressing nothing, lie with me
We shall never part, I shall never slip from you
Forever yours, honor me with your innocence.

Dance with me, sliding gracefully through the motions
our steps are as similar as our hearts.
Waiting quietly, you crouch waiting to ambush
with such an adorable shriek you pounce into my arms
such a delight is youth
bringing the hopeful joy

Such passion I have never experienced
an inextinguishable fury blares from my soul
a kiss of the sweetest intent
to taste the season of love is to sample life in all it's simplicity
oh the unchained emotion drowns out the hatred
relish it while pure, society expects deceit.

Comments about Speaking During A Kiss

Very beautiful poem! xoxo Francesca

5 out of 5
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