Speaking Out

You couldn't hurt me any more if you tried
I can't believe that you lied.
You knew exactly what was going on
But you still defend him even now he's gone.

How do you sleep at night?
When you know what you did wasn't right.
How could you betray?
And leave me in such dismay.

You are trying to play for the sympathy card
But you don't fool me with your pathetic charade.
You may choose to forget it
But I remember every bit.

You make out you're the victim
And how you are petrified of him.
You could have told people what he was really like
You could have told him to take a hike.

But you pushed all help away
And allowed that monster to continue to stay.
You didn't even try to change
You didn't think that your behaviour was strange.

I may not be able to prove all that you did
The way that you would treat me when I was a kid.
But I made the decision to speak
I will no longer remain silent and weak.

I want you to know I'm no longer scared
Your actions were not of a mother who cared.
Maybe you are not right in the head?
I hope this haunts you whilst you lie in your bed.

We will now let the courts decide
But there is no where you can hide.
You may get to walk away scott free
But this does not alter the truth, that you abused me.

by Hannah Davies

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Some people just aren't cut out to be parents...