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Speaking To God

God if I can be in your presence for moment.
I will wipe your eyes and comfort you.
Sit with you and hold your hands.
We will sit and grieve together,
And see the world's devastation.
The negative attitude they breathe.
Slaughtered neighbours lying dead.
Bloodshed and massacre along each street.
Hardship and pain captured all respect for you.
Is every tear for every commandment broken?
The world crumbles with devastation.
Havoc flows with its pure waters.
Lord, the day must come,
Stand on this earth.

Bring down your hand and strike with your sword.
Can you confront the enemies and let them conform by your rules?
They're the definition of ten thousand fools.
People are destructive, they are slaughterers, what are they worth?
I have no part in these unholy bloodlines, I'm not accustom to their ways, they have no respect.
Let its consequence take effect.
The earth crumbles in polluted environments.
Living and feeding from its valueless violence.
Their pastime is wreaking havoc, infesting on the living corpse to be dead. Oh God, please save the just; I plead with my hands upon my head, This cannot be the world to be.

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