Speaking With The Spirits

Speaking with the Spirits
I came to ask of them
A knowledge more than sacred
And little known to men

Speaking with the Spirits
I wondered how or when
The earth might come to be
What it was as way back when

When all the men are gone they said
and left returned to dust
When all that builders built
had crumbled left to rust

Speaking to the spirits
I asked what had we done
They said we mauled our mother earth
And now we would be shunned

They told me tears had fallen
from Spirits saddened eyes
They told me blood had fallen
And all would have to die

Speaking to the Spirits
I said I understood
That man had taken everything
Much more than we all should

And so I asked the Spirits
If after the next dawn
Would everthing begin again
Or would everything be gone

The spirits turned their backs on me
Never to return
There's little hope for us they said
It seems we never learn


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