DD (February 28,1980 / Philippines)

Speared By... A Walrus Fin

I ask why do you need to kiss my lips?
You said,
because I want to– love you.
And you nailed
my tongue with yours
like a porcelain conduit; steamed
and bubble juices of our flesh.

Then, you buckle our nose’s
under the grain of our solemn sin–
As you shaft the core
of my respiratory system like a butcher
chopping peach, cherry’s & mangoesten
And you break a wild smile
as you clinch your fist
and clutch mine
Then you beguile my lymph’s
with your lungs.

Like a fatigued blood cell you whisper
'My skin– is a walrus '
as it cleave upon the
bulwark of your wonder bean

Subdued and suspired–
our eyes blossom like silene vulgaris.
As we languish to rest,
remnant of passions comb
each of our longing
like a seagull’s spurious wing
diving after a fish' silver fin.

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