Wish For A Nation

Shine my country shine like a sun
Arise my country arise like Won!
Be there and stay at top forever like
A north star to guide this world! !

Smile my country smile like a child
Laugh my country laugh like a tulip wild!
Keep this and have this forever like
A message of God to save this world! !

Protect my country protect like a dome
Shelter my country shelter like a home!
Strive this and ensure this forever like
A lap of mother to care this world! !

Bloom my country bloom like new moon
Toil my country toil like an early noon!
Instill this and embrace it forever like
A tireless father, to fetch this world! !

Grace my country grace like a bride
Kind my country be kind like a saint inside!
Enrich this and adopt this forever like
A day after night, to revive this world! !

Love my country love like fish and water,
Inspire my country inspire like a master!
Promise this and practice this forever like,
A Guru to his pupil, to edify this world! !

by Arunesh Dixit

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