SC (14th September,1971 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Special Gift For 2009

New year and new hopes
And new things to think about
This is a beautiful life
With surety and some doubts

Where we must always try
To bring light to the darkest time
Where life flows smoothly
With its even and odd rhymes

Where words are never wasted
And so doesn't feelings of the heart
Where each morning gives us a chance
To hopefully enter and then start

Another day to make memories
That will be favorite and full of fain
Where we'll learn to overcome
Life's big or small trouble and pain

Where we'll learn to face the fear
And achieve our honest dreams
And learn to reconnect to life
And shine with the happiness beam

In this new year we'll find
True spirit of this wonderful season
And we'll learn to celebrate life
With all the more simple reason

Where we'll promise to fulfill
Little wishes of our hearts dear
And will fill with peace and love
This world of ours with cheer and care

And this will be a special gift
That we'll give to us and all
And will pray for God's bliss
On everyone big and small.

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Comments (4)

Lovely optimistic expressions! suddenly 'Life' seems more meaningful then before...cheers!
...tmany years passed and many more, hopefully will...we always wish the same...does it really come true....we should ask for more wisdom and patience and then, more likely we ll make our dreams come true...
Thanks for sharing this beautiful wish. A very nice way to start off the year. You express optimism, enthusiasm, hope, caring, and so much more. This one phrase seems to me to be very expressive: “With all the more simple reason”. Very nicely composed. I wish the same to you.
Man or woman always lives on high hopes for the future subject to the will of God.