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Special (I Am But I'M Not)

The hours they creep,
The patterns repeat,
Lasting for days without even blinking,
Eyes dry open,
With everyone asleep,
Going through the motions without even thinking.

I'm not special,
We're not special
But we're always looking up.

A brilliant dance where nobody leads at all,
Nobody leads at all,
Strutting through the steps keeping everyone enthralled
Everyone's enthralled,
Taking all the breath leaving tension palpable,
Tension is palpable,
Crashing through the crescendo to rapturous applause,
Rapturous applause.

We're not special
But I guess we'll be alright,
I'm not special
But I guess I'll be alright,
We're always looking up.

We're not special,
But we are special,
I'm not special,
But I am special,
And we're always looking up.

Co-written with Hollie Stockdale

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