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Special Memories
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Special Memories

Poem By AHO Speaks

My memories are special for they leave a good feeling for me
Some just a day, a sight, a voice, an experience; you see.
They have made my life bountiful and beautiful and ever so much more
A singular memory to display an earthly journey with each an open door.

Just one memory could elicit a dialogue of meaning and feeling
To open up my humanity for a full life that was revealing.
So much has been given to us as part of our earthly treasure
The spiritual and the material; and most importanly, also nature.

Important things about life in my memory and all the rest
Seperate from our being and are the very best.
Most of these things took but a minute and others more than a day
Some like love have lasted a lifetime; along memories way.

That which caused fear, pain, sorrow or regret
To find their own repose or disappear; which would be best? .
I can withdrawn from my memory to view and savor
Very first love; and my best ice cream flavor.

I never have to replace nor even to renew
As my memory is guarded by God's love; just for me and you.
I don't believe I would trade even one memory of mine
For a taste of heavenly bread or a sip of its wine.

I leave you a sample of what I absorbed in this life
Gifts from God and you; and all with very little strife.

12-03-05 Aho Speaks

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