Special Thanks

Special thanks to you,
You ask me if I was cool,
I’m glad that you care,
Unlike all the other stares;

You were there for me,
You was as understanding as you could be,
I had a lot of memories with him,
I wish we could have shared some of them;

We should be close,
We should share the most,
We have so much alike,
We were meant to be tight;

I fell in love with you,
But now, I know you never felt the same about me too,
I thought you were the one,
I guess I got a stun;

You were there then,
When we lost him,
Where are you now,
I feel really down;

I owe you special thanks,
For all the times you were there to dance,
I miss you now,
Hopefully you come down;

Special thanks to you James Harding...(Red)
I Love you with all my heart….

by Stephanie Engle

Comments (2)

yea my mom apparently forgets alot of shit awesome poem sexy
awwwwwwwwwwww Jimbo's gonna kick your butt lol He's with his sis I show him when he gets home Tuesday Nice job steph