Filled with negativity...
Generalizing in unspecific quickness!
Judged in misguided confidence...
Sitting on fences of definitions unexplored.
Convinced thoughts of dismay are shared realities!
From perched undecisiveness,
Like birds who chirp with wings clipped.
Wishing to fly but stunting motivation.
Dipped in gossiped sorrow.

Not so say those in flight to test!
A growth observed is personalized...
In quests admitted that lifts determination.
Reaching for plateaus beyond limitations set.
Specific regrets are broken to free adventures.
Hatched from confinement and climbing...
From environments of self inflictions that feed.

There is so much to touch!
So much life to live ahead...
In clear breezes that release.
For those not living,
To stop to dread tasteless steps they've taken...
Or willing to cry on shoulders to grieve.
Groaning prepared to weight with baggage,
With like minds who wear their hearts on sleeves.
There is no gift for those awaiting in mental 'trips'...
Grunting to mope in groups like these!
Hoping for joys to accidently dropp from the sky,
For them to qualify and please!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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