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Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

With hindsight not too distant.
Or that far removed,
From the current dire circumstances...
Enhanced by the welcoming presence,
Of ongoing ambiguity...
No one would be experiencing economic fear.
Or biting their nails with repossessions to face.

Values placed on biased divisions.
And racist bigotry.
Addicting incompetence.
Deceit, denial and the feeding of greed.
Solicited by those who advocated standards,
They could not abandon to leave the feast.
None of that which today is witnessed,
Would have never existed to become reality.

And the placing of blame,
On those homeless and hungry...
Refused by the greedy a true opportunity,
Has been the height of indoctrinated self righteousness.
With hypocrisy kept to keep.

Do any of these facts bring back memories?
Is there anything about these specifics,
Anyone needing clarity?
Or is there someone offended who wishes to stick,
With their accustomed ambiguity?
Since there is nothing like debating the importance of truth,
That is absent of facts, misdeeds and misplaced priorities.

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