(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Speck, Deck!

Hook, fishhook!
In your eyes,
With your eyes;
Speck, deck!
But, you're very valuable to me.
To get rich quick! !
And, you're always in trouble;
Worry, sorry, lorry, story!
Last but one;
Anxiously! !
Last but not the least;
But, do not force it! !
And, let it be natural always.
But, why are you slave to two owners today? !
Spin, fin, skin, bin, kin, sin, pin, win;
Let it be nice,
Let it be real,
let it be sweet,
Let it be very romantic!
With your muse,
With your love,
Speck, deck!
On your face;
But, rewarded like the Treasure Island.

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