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Animal Friends

Walking 'round my yard, I just wanted to see, if any
little friends wanted company..
I saw Mrs. Robin sitting in a tree, guarding her nest,
and her children three..
She was busy at the moment, and said, ' go visit Mr. Squirrel..
He just broke up with his cute little girl..'
I said, ' how do you do, Mr. Squirrel so blue, I
have some nuts, I'd like to share with you..'
He replied, 'keep the nuts, I don't want to be fed,
I'm feeling so sad, I'm going back to bed..
I left in a hurry to catch Mr. Rabbit, he was hopping along,
in his usual habit.. I said, 'hi Mr. Rabbit good to see you,
He replied, good to see you too but I got a lot of work to do..
As I strolled around the house, I saw the Groundhog,
and the Grouse.. The were both very busy, so I went
to see Mrs. Mouse.. Mrs. Mouse is usually home, 'cause
she rarely leaves the house.. She put a sign on the wall,
that was flapping in the breeze.. It read, ' Open House Today,
please bring your own cheese..' No one today wants to
talk or play.. I guess I'll read a book.. But first let me see,
if the Animals are all safe.. It's worth a second look..

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Song of songs is the songs of life...what an awesome line. My kind of poetry! ; D
The birds sing today. The children cry. Old men dream of yesterday. All is the manifestation of GOD in reality...... that is life we have lived with... we got to analyse and look back too. happy memory.......10
Amazing! a beautiful message delivered by a beautiful poem. This is one of my favorites. thanks